Tomato cages — Staking up tomatoes

Why cages? You want to keep the fruit up off the ground

If you choose to use one of those popular cheap flimsy funnel shaped  tomato cages and you seriously grow great tomatoes, you will need to somehow support the cage with a stake or stakes. 

Without the support, these plants can get heavy with fruit and can easily topple over the cage.

I use and make heavy duty cages from concrete reinforcing wire sold by most building material stores. 

You can make your own or I sell them for $15 each for the most popular.….

011 Tomato  & Cages.jpg

For heavy producing beefsteaks, you can use zip ties to hold the vines to the cage to help support the weight of the tomatoes.

One plant depending on how healthy and many vines you have, may have say 8-18 vines. 

One vine may have 8-15 tomatoes, with a total tomato weight on that one vine of five to eight pounds.

If you don’t zip tie the vines to the cage, the weight of the tomatoes will collapse the vines & tomatoes down to the ground. In the picture above, you can see white zip ties holding up the vines

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Dave Freed “The Tomato Guy”