Tomato expert for garden clubs: 

Schedule presentation with Dave the Tomato Guy

Need a good tomato speaker for you next meeting or get-together? A 45 minute-1 hour slideshow/PowerPoint presentation by Dave the Tomato Guy on how to easily grow tomatoes followed by a question and answer session.

Google Dave the Tomato Guy and you can see other clubs and organizations that have scheduled Dave and see their feedback. For example, Centennial Farms at at the Orange County (California) Fairgrounds has invited me annually to speak on tomatoes and most of the time the grow tomatoes easily lecture and presentation is a sold out, full house.

Most clubs tell me the presentation is one of the best they have seen. I think you will be happy. Plus as you see below the price is right. Whatever you can afford and if you are flat broke and not miles and miles away, I’ll try and do it for “free."

Remember, I do this as a hobby.

Southern California garden clubs are already scheduling Dave the Tomato Guy for next spring. If you only meet once a month on a certain day/date nail your date down soon so you don't lose the day/date to someone else.

For clubs and organizations outside of Southern California, we can schedule a Zoom session.

The presentation is a slideshow/PowerPoint on how to grow tomatoes easily followed by a live question and answer session, 45 minutes to an hour. Most of the time I stay longer as people have many questions about tomatoes. You set the time limit. I can easily talk for a couple of hours.

How much will the presentation cost you? Most clubs and organizations pay a nominal speakers fee, which means whatever your group/club can afford. I appreciate the nominal fee but if your club is pretty broke, we can probably arrange a no-cost presentation. Coronavirus has made it tough to keep clubs together... I would like to contribute and do my part to helping everyone get back up and going. If you have an interest in a tomato presentation for your group, email me at ...and let me know about your group, dates, time, etc.

No minimum group size required. Learn to grow tomatoes as well as other garden vegetables easily. This is your crash course to success. I told you I would give you a green thumb. You see the pictures — I’ll show and tell you how I do it —then you can do the same thing.

You are welcome to share this information with others—family, friends and clubs, etc.

Sharing tips helps us be better growers.

Dave Freed /  the Tomato Guy

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