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Dave “The Tomato Guy” Freed will help you grow great tomatoes

My Story, My Cause

I’m Dave Freed, “the tomato guy,” a nickname that has stuck because I am passionate about growing tomatoes and helping people to grow great homegrown tomatoes. If you follow my lead, you'll be able to grow plants with more than 100 tomatoes on a single plant.

In addition to tomatoes, my techniques, methods, specific recommendations apply to most all vegetables. We need more home vegetable and tomato gardens. Many younger parents want to teach their children how to grow a vegetable garden. What could be healthier than a vegetable garden and homegrown tomatoes? I’m always happy to help when I can.

I live in Southern California and most notes apply to our growing season here. Make sure to adjust for weather conditions, day and nighttime temperatures, in your location. In general, the best time to plant is in spring, after the cold weather has ended and before hot weather arrives.

Before planting visit our tomato gallery below where you'll find lots of varieties, pictures and descriptions. Plant whatever varieties you like but make sure to plant at least one that will give you lots of tomatoes.

You are welcome to share this information with others. Share with your family and friends; share with the general membership of your club. I do this as a hobby. I love growing tomatoes and sharing what works for me. And if it works for me, it should work for you.

If you don’t have a “Green Thumb,” I’ll give you one…

If you apply the steps I show you here to all your garden vegetables, your other garden vegetable plants will grow bigger and taller and you will have more and bigger fruits and vegetables in your garden. The key to the biggest improvement will almost certainly be  improving your soil.


Dave Freed “The Tomato Guy”

What to expect at

What’s in store for you on this website? Look at the photo below. That’s Dave with three tomato plants as featured in the Los Angeles Times. The plants — two “Better Boy” and one “Big Beef” — each have more than 100 pounds of tomatoes hanging from their vines. Keep scrolling for more pictures of great homegrown tomatoes and learn how you too can grow tomatoes easily.


Man standing in garden between three tomato plants

Important notes

  • I do not accept income from advertising of third-party products. And I will not accept free product from anyone. My suggestions are based on products and methods that I have used and recommend.
  • I’m retired and on a limited income. I drive a 1999 Toyota pickup truck and I’m happy with it. To help keep my research on equipment, products, growing methods and buying teaching props so I can continue teaching others mostly for free how to grow tomatoes easily, I have set up a small GoFundMe campaign. You can donate if you want to support the effort. 
  • I also offer planting accessories at a minimal cost for materials (and delivery in Southern California if you need it).  Many people do not want to make their own accessories. I don’t want or need a job or income. If I can add a little more success to your tomato growing, I’m happy to make these. Click the button to download an order form.
  • If you want to reach me to arrange an appearance at your garden club or to get help with self-watering planters and tomato cages, emailing me works best.

Our tomato gallery

The pictures of plants were all grown by me and more pictures will be coming. I tell you, “If I can do it, you can do it” because I show and tell you everything I do. For a larger view, click on each picture. Then, following the pictures, scroll through “Growing Advice” and if you don’t find answers to a question, you are welcome to email me. I’m pretty good at getting back to you. I want you to be successful.

In some pictures, leaves have been cut away to show the loads of tomatoes different varieties of tomato plants can produce. You will see plants grown in self-watering containers, you will see tomato plants 3-4 foot tall loaded with 50 to more than 100 6-10 ounce tomatoes. Also, in containers you will see 7 foot-plus tall plants loaded with 150 to over 200 …. 6-8 ounce tomatoes.

You will see some plants in the ground can produce over 100 pounds of tomatoes from a single plant. If I can do it, you can do it. I’ll show you how. If you don’t have a “Green Thumb,” I’ll give you one. It’s as simple as I’ll give you a shopping list of things to pick up, you purchase the products on the list and follow a few simple steps …that’s all it takes and you will grow tomatoes easily!

A hint on when to pick tomatoes. We tend to pick too soon. Wait until that tomato is a little soft…..just because it’s the right color does not mean it’s the right ripeness! You will see a big difference in flavor.

Growing Advice 

Proper watering

Remember—Full grown mature tomato plants can easily use 2-3 gallons of water daily, sometimes more. Some may use 4-5 gallons…

Planting in raised beds

Raised beds, raised planters are a great way to grow garden vegetables. Sometimes the dirt on your property is simply…

Success secrets

Our 45 minutes video shows all the details needed for success growing tomatoes in your home garder. See tomato plants with more than 100 tomatoes on each plant. 

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